The Peter Field Company

Peter Field is a next generation tailor shop blending a modern shopping experience, technology, and classical tailoring into one amazing experience. We believe in having a creative space for our tailors and team. We believe in flexible schedules and reliable/consistent hours when the industry is typically rigid and seasonal. We believe in trusting our team to be self-managed. We believe in staying ahead of schedule to minimize stress. We believe in educating our customers on fit and garment construction. And we believe in creating a positive change in America by rebuilding the sewing and manufacturing infrastructure in our great country.

Currently we operate in Chicago and New York City with two of the top tailor shops in their respective locations. We have a team of 20+, service over 12 menswear stores/companies, and schedule 300+ fittings with direct customers per month.

At Peter Field we hire great people, give them everything they need to be successful, and then surround them with talented and driven individuals. We put the quality of our work above all else and challenge every industry standard we can get our hands on.

Peter Field is the future of alterations.

Our most successful team members reject stagnation, challenge the status quo by creating new and better processes, thrive in autonomy, and believe that having an impact is one of the most important rewards a job can offer.