A Guide to White Shirts

The classic white shirt is infinitely versatile. It can be business appropriate or dressed down to casual. Pair it with a pair of jeans and roll up the sleeves, accessorize with a suit jacket and tie for an impeccably clean look or throw it under a sweater for a handsome business casual appearance –the list goes on and on.

Investing in a quality white shirt is key. We don’t recommend buying a hundred white shirts so you can wear them with something new every day. One or two quality white shirts will go a long way for your wardrobe necessities.

When shopping for your shirt, don’t worry about who made it, worry about how it was made. In all shopping cases, checking the label on your garments before purchasing can save you the headache of replacing garments that end up falling apart after a few wears.The first decision to make is choosing the type of fabric you want your dress shirt to be. Your decision should always be 100% cotton. Staying clear of “wrinkle-free” and “no iron” shirts is important because the cotton has been treated with formaldehyde. This process results in a non-breathable shirt, which in turn causes irritation and itchiness on your skin.

Fit, cuffs, collars and weaves are all personal style choices. Everyone has their own style flare and we encourage you to try on shirts with different style elements in order to find your perfect fit. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on what you pair it with or the accessories you add on to your look, so don’t worry too much if it’s leaning more to one side of the dress code spectrum –however we’d always suggest leaning to the dressier side of the spectrum because one can never be overdressed.

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