The Consumption of Style: Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

Bow Truss is a collective of veteran coffee professionals, coming together for the first time to create their ideal roasting company. Their coffees are curated and roasted in their roasting house in Lakeview, Chicago. The independent coffee roaster based in Chicago, IL brings together world-class roasters and coffee professionals to make specialty coffee more approachable. The space at 2934 Broadway is their first roasting facility to primarily supply local restaurants and coffee shops. Their cozy coffee bar located in the front of the space, is welcoming to residents in the community who are interested in learning about our coffee offering, roasting process, and brewing methods.

Name: Maciej Ostrowski
Hometown: Krakow, Poland
Featured Roast: Ecuador Finca Campo Alegre Direct Trade 

How it’s made:
This rare hand¬processed Pacamara for the youthful Finca Campo Alegre in Ecuador sits cleanly in the cup with a beautiful finish. Bow Truss Master Roaster Dennis Jackson traveled to Ecuador in the autumn of last year for the Taza Dorata, a regional coffee evaluation and competition similar to the Cup of Excellence, where Finca Campo Alegre caught his eye. This is a very young farm only in the first year of production, yet it’s scoring an incredible tenth overall via international jury, which is unheard of with such a youthful farm. Dennis brought samples for further cupping and analysis and our team was blown away. Our goal in years to come is to ferment the direct relationship with the farm and produce more outstanding coffees like this one!

How is choosing your morning roast like choosing the perfect bow tie?
It is really about my mood that day. Just like with a bow tie, you can have a coffee the is subtle and classic however if you’re feeling adventurous you can go for a natural processed fruit forward cup that really awakens the senses.

What kind of coffee pairings are similar to a bow tie and pocket square pairing?
Coffee goes well with food especially breakfast and dessert. Just like with ties and pocket squares you want the two to compliment each other; bringing out each others strengths while testing and questioning the limits we take for granted.

What’s unique about this roast and why did you choose to pair it with the Bisbee bow tie and the Payson pocket square? Just like the bow ties this coffee has been artfully cared for from farm to cup.

What’s exceptional about the Bow Truss collection and how often do you add new roasts?
Most of the coffees we offer are single origin. They are around for only a few months until the varietal is gone. After that we will not see that coffee again for a year or two (until next harvest), and even then that coffee will be different than before.

What distinguishes your menu from other coffee roasters?
The menu is simple and classic bringing out the best in the beans themselves.

What’s most important to Bow Truss when sourcing their beans?
Quality, flavor and the relationship with farmer.

How did your journey as a barista start and what is your role at Bow Truss?  I started as a side job when in architecture school than became an obsession. The is a lot of craft involved in coffee at this level making it an ever changing trade to work in. I joined Bow Truss 8 months ago and am currently one of the company’s educators teaching staff andcustomers the skills to make amazing coffee.

What exactly is Direct Trade and why is it important?
We get to know the full story of the coffee start to finish. We also have conversations with the farmers about hydration, nutrients, and processing making that coffee that more special. A collaboration often unseen yet is very rewarding.

What about the Bow Truss atmosphere and experience do you enjoy most?
We took the best things about coffee and about a local shop to make what we see as the perfect shop. It’s chill, friendly and very relaxed without compromising quality of the coffee.